ACA Related Tax Forms and Their Uses

      Form 1095-A

      Who needs it: People who had Marketplace coverage.

      Insurance companies participating in health care exchanges should provide you with the 1095-A form, a health insurance marketplace statement. This form includes:

      • Your name
      • The amount of coverage you have
      • Any tax credits you were entitled to
      • If you used them to pay for your health insurance and the amount you paid for coverage

      You use this information to complete your income tax filing, adjust any tax credit payments and claim any premium tax credits that may be due.

      In Kansas, the Marketplace will provide this document. Ways to obtain the document:

      • Mail
      • Online ( account)
      • Call center (they can give you the info over the phone)


      Form 1095-B

      Who needs it: People who had health coverage through small employers

      Employers with fewer than 50 full-time employees that offer health coverage, as well as health care insurance providers, send the 1095-B form to members of their health insurance plans, as of the 2015 tax year. This form includes:

      • The type of coverage you have
      • Your dependents covered
      • The period of the coverage

      This form is used to verify on your tax return that you and your dependents have at least Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC). If you had a break in health care coverage for the tax year, you may have to pay an individual shared responsibility payment.


      Form 1095-C

      Who needs it: People who had health coverage through a large employer

      Form 1095-C, employer-provided health insurance offer and coverage, shows the coverage that is offered to you by your employer, as of the 2015 tax year.

      It is used by larger companies with 50 or more full-time or full-time equivalent employees. This form provides information of the coverage your employer offered and whether or not you chose to participate. You can use this to complete your tax return.


      Form 8965

      You’ll use form 8965 to report exemptions and to help you calculate the Shared Responsibility Payment for Line 61 of your 1040.

      Who needs it: Anyone who didn’t maintain coverage throughout the entire year needs to fill out a 8965 form. 

      • Some exemptions require an Electronic Confirmation Number from the Health Insurance Marketplace. These reforms typically require proof and the submission of an application. This documentation should be done at the time of the cause of exemption.
      • Some exemptions last all year, others only last 3 months. Not all exemptions exempt you from the fee; some only initiate an special enrollment period.
      • Exemptions that don’t require confirmation numbers, such as short-term coverage gaps and affordability exemptions, can simply be claimed on this form. You won’t owe the fee for any months in which you have an exemption. However, you can technically have an exemption, and still have coverage (and even cost assistance) in the same month.

      Form 8962

      Who needs it: People who had Marketplace coverage.

      • Used to reconcile Advanced Premium Tax Credits (APTC)
      • Calculates how much you should have received in tax credits based on your final income compared to how much you actually received.
      • Visit to calculate the price of the “second lowest cost Silver plan” based on your income (AKA how much you should have received in APTC)