Family Glitch

The law requires employers to provide “affordable” insurance ONLY for the workers themselves – not for their families. The family glitch is a regulation that keeps children and some adults from obtaining Marketplace tax credits if one parent has affordable employer coverage that is deemed “affordable”, even if family coverage is not affordable. Put simply - If the insurance premium offered to just the employee (not the family) is less than 9.66% of your annual income, family members can not receive financial assistance in the Marketplace. 

Fortunately, if the cheapest premium available to the family, either through the employer or the Marketplace, is over 8.06% of their annual household income the families members are not required to have insurance and are exempt from the penalty.

Legislation has been introduced to try and fix this glitch. 

Email K.A.N. at to tell your family glitch story so we can advocate to change this problem.