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KanCare Application for Families with Children - English

KanCare Application for Families with Children - Spanish

General Requirements

This program is available to children. To be eligible, the child must be a Kansas resident.

He or she must also be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen. If the child is not an eligible non-citizen he or she may be eligible for a program called SOBRA. SOBRA may provide coverage of emergency services.


Children: The child must be under the age of 19


We don’t count resources or assets for this program.

Family Size

Children & Parents/Caregivers: Your family size is usually determined by your income tax unit. The application should list each person who is living in the home. The agency will decide who has to be counted in the household. For most people the household is the same as your income tax unit.

Pregnant Women: Your family size is usually determined by your income tax unit. Your unborn child is also included. Your family size may also include your parents if you are a minor or they claim you as a tax dependent.

Income Guidelines for Children and Pregnant Women

The income of all individuals in the family size is counted. This includes wages from a job, self-employment, unemployment benefits, and Social Security (except SSI).


Income Guidelines for Parents/Caregivers with Children

*Adults without children or a disability are not eligible for KanCare


Specific KanCare CHIP Requirements

If the family’s income is at the KanCare CHIP level, additional rules apply.

  • Children must not already be covered by other health insurance.

  • Some families have a waiting period if they have voluntarily dropped comprehensive health insurance

  • A premium between $20 and $50 is required for families with income above 166% of the federal poverty level and these premiums must be paid to keep coverage.